Hi, I am Sal Lodhy, art director and designer.

I could sit here and waste your time on my philosophy and how I will provide the perfect melding of words and pictures to cut through the clutter and deliver results and…see, you are bored already!

After decades as an art director whether it is B2B or B2C, at the end of the day only one thing matters:

The work.

Everything else is persiflage.

I provide creative design solutions to complex marketing problems. That’s what advertising design is all about. My work will get attention, which is halfway in making the sale. And as a results-oriented professional, you are primarily interested in that too.


I am open to most product categories and industries but please, no kinky stuff. I am (or have been told) conceptually strong and my forte is visualizing. Although not a production maven, I insist on final tweaking all my layouts. A decent time of my projects is spent satisfying my typographic fetish. I can manage multiple projects at the same time and enjoy art directing photo-shoots, especially those involving people. I have also been told I have a keen sense of detail and that I am a stickler for perfection—again, not my words these are direct quotes from references.

What size accounts am I willing to work on? My initials SML should tell you something.

I am a low-carbon guy. Ideally, I would like to work out of my office and am available for contract and freelance. I am sure you’re working with other art directors and designers and I sincerely hope you are happy with their work. But if you’d like to explore other options, I’d appreciate the opportunity.

Let’s get a project going. And then sometime during lunch we can talk about the who, what, where, when and all that other minutiae.

Your call.

Sal Lodhy
[email protected]

What I Can Do

Advertising & Design
Brochures & Collateral
Direct Mail
Trade Shows & Displays
Agency Pitches
Point of Purchase
Annual Reports
Branding & Identity Systems